Whether your mission is a routine car stop, a domestic dispute call or a high risk warrant service, you must be prepared to face a sudden, close quarters, violent confrontation. Much of the current use of force training does not provide officers with sufficient skills to adequately cope with the most common dangers inherent to law enforcement.

Proven under the most demanding circumstances, our reality based training programs provide law enforcement with a realistic alternative to the traditional martial arts methods still taught in many police academies. Our training methodology is based on actual experience and is grounded in functional tactics, concepts, and principles.

We emphasize a sound tactical approach to physical confrontations and provide officers with the most direct skills necessary to quickly and safely dominate a violent confrontation and control uncooperative subjects with minimal risk to all parties involved. Officers properly trained in the use of force are less likely to cause accidental death or resort to excessive force.

Our training system can be quickly learned and our programs are designed to improve, augment, complete, and complement any previous training.

Our instructors have DIRECT counterterrorism and law enforcement experience. The techniques and tactics we teach have been used by select American and Israeli law enforcement and military for decades.

The training we provide maximizes officer survival while reducing liability under the law.